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Lady strolling on St. Mary's Square, circa 1880
Strolling St. Mary's Square
circa 1880

St Michaels Museum at St. Mary's Square is located in the heart of this historic town on what locals call "The Green." It provides a fascinating look at life in St. Michaels in the 1800's.

The museum consists of three vernacular buildings moved to the Square from their original locations. The complex occupies the former site of St. Michaels High School, circa 1800.

In 1771, as one of the earliest attempts at planned development, James Braddock laid out The Green to serve as the Town Center, enclosed by gated entrances. In addition to residences, various enterprises included houses of worship, schools, and an open-air market for farmers to sell their goods.

The Sewell House, circa 1865, was the home of local waterman Jeremiah Sewell and his family of six. It was moved to the site from Mill Street in 1964 when the museum, then known as St. Mary's Square Museum, was established. The house is furnished in period pieces that reflect the life of a typical working family of the time.

Sewell House
Sewell House

Chaney House
Chaney House

The Chaney home stands independently from the other buildings. Built by three free African American brothers, circa 1850, the two room house is typical of its genre.

After the brothers were able to buy his freedom from slavery, their father came to live with them. Later their sister and her family also resided there once they were freed.

Partially restored, the home may be viewed. It will contain exhibits on African American life in the community and house a library on the second floor.

More on the Chaney House

Built in 1860 as a commercial structure, the Teetotum Building got its name because of the roof's resemblance to a toy top of the period. Originally located on Willow Street, the building variously served as a magistrate's office, a town jail, a saddle shop, a mortuary, a bank, and a barber shop.

Today the buildings' displays highlight various aspects of St. Michaels' commercial life through the centuries.


The Teetotum
The Teetotum